Double Date Night Is Awesome

couple dancing
Flickr photo by pedrosimoes7
One other thing I've lost as my family grows larger is hang-time with people who live outside my house.

The hubs and I are pretty good about making time for each other in the form of a weekly date night, but we do miss sharing a meal or a movie with friends.

There was an especially rad couple we liked to share date night with, and I'm missing that now that we're across the country. Luckily, we have more super-cool couple friends with kids on the West Coast who are willing to call the babysitter the same night we do and attempt some adult conversation for the evening.

It's ambitious when you're overscheduled, overtired, and cash-strapped, but I'd like to challenge you to add a monthly double date night to your calendar.

Here are four great reasons those adult double date nights are so much fun:


1) You all know how rare it is to have a kid-free night out on the town and will plan your date wisely.

2) If you do slip into kid talk, everyone at the table/bowling alley can participate.

3) So the days of partying 'til dawn are over -- at least these friends get it and know just how far you can go without going beyond the point of no return.

4) As you hang with other couples, it's a great time to admire your partner in a social setting. Watching your better-half entertain people besides your 9-month-old and your Cocker Spaniel is a real turn-on.

Do you have double date night? 

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