Betty White: 5 Things About My Love Life

We're not done with Betty White just yet.

This past week, it's been all-Betty, all the time and there are a few things I've gleaned from the news and gossip that allow me to make some assumptions about her love life. Hell yes, you can still have an active sex life at 88 1/2!

Here's what Betty's all about, in the sack.


1. One-night stands are best, as I can't promise I'll be available for a long-term relationship.

2. I can talk dirty with the best of them.

3. A perfect date for me is a night in with a movie, such as The Wizard of Ass.

4. Younger men are preferred, as long as you're not on that Facebook thing -- what's up with that anyway?

5. I have a spectacular muffin (see what I said about the dirty talk?).


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