Day Date or Night Date: Which Do You Prefer?

Flickr photo by tibchris
I love getting dolled up for a night out on the town with a hot date, but as the weather gets warmer, I start preferring daytime dates over evening ones.


Strolling through the park hand in hand with someone that I'm crazy about is, in my opinion, the perfect Saturday afternoon.

Daytime dates take more planning -- it's not the standard dinner-and-a-movie or dinner-and-drinks date -- and if a guy is willing to put forth that extra effort of packing a picnic basket, it shows that he's into you.

They're also usually more relaxed, taking some of the pressure and formality out of the date, especially if it's early in the courtship. Sharing cheese and crackers on a blanket in the park isn't nearly as intimidating as selecting the correct eating utensil for the first course at a Zagat-rated restaurant.

And possibly my favorite thing about an afternoon outing: Flip-flops instead of high heels!

Which do you prefer for your dates: Sunlight or candlelight?

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