Would a Male Birth Control Pill Improve Your Sex Life?

birth control pills
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As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, CNN asks, "Where's the male birth control pill?"

I have to second that inquiry, as someone who has hormonally prevented unplanned pregnancies since I was sexually active. The pill is a magical, freeing addition to any woman's sex life, but the side effects can range from uncomfortable to deadly.

As someone who benefited from birth control pills, I'm not knocking it; I'm just wondering why my male partners couldn't also have been putting their hormones at risk to prevent pregnancy.

Sharing that burden would've certainly helped to create a trusting relationship where I felt more like we were in it together. Instead it felt like I was shouldering the responsibility while he's free to enjoy all of the benefits and none of the negatives of our birth control.


Sure condoms are a viable option, but my daughter is here as a result of me going off the pill and using condoms. And nothing stops a romantic evening dead in its tracks once you know that the end result can be a newborn that keeps you up for four months straight.

With a zillion pills, IUDs, rings, sponges, and creams made especially for women -- we've always been the half of the team that takes responsibility for birth control by manipulating our bodies. Hormonal changes can affect sex drive and sometimes cause serious health problems.

A researcher in the field explains the hold-up:

"The joke in the field is: The male pill's been 5 to 10 years away for the last 30 years," said Dr. John Amory, researcher at the University of Washington.

Of course, if men were the ones who carried a baby around for nine months and then had to go through labor, I'm sure that pill would've been on the market a century ago.

As someone who has always enjoyed sex without procreating, I've made sure to take steps to prevent pregnancy -- and I still would even if a male pill were on the market.

All I'm saying is that some ladies might be in the mood more often if they weren't the only ones carrying the birth control burden.


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