'True Blood' Makes It Okay to Love Soft-Core Porn

True Blood season 3
Photo from HBO
I'm a soft-core porn addict. And you might be too, you just don't know it. Do you watch and love and cannot wait for season 3 of HBO's True Blood? Are you as excited as I am to see more of Eric? Naked.

Are you surprised that you found Sam super-sexy at the end of last season? Or is that just me? Maybe I have a thing for hairy man/animals.


Newser reported on cable TV's super-sexy shows: "Soft-core porn 'just keeps going, like a cockroach—you can't kill it,' says the founder of a prolific production company. 'There's nothing creative about this—you're going to see sex in the first minute and you're going to see sex every seven or eight minutes after that.'"

But I think this founder is wrong. True Blood is soft porn with a wickedly good plot. And it's not the only cable show with a great story line that shows a heck of a lot of skin and sex scenes that get you feeling all tingly inside.

Besides vampire sex, HBO delivers hot scenes in other ways. 

Entourage "guarantees a least one set of boobs every episode" my husband said. For the ladies, Adrian Grenier's eyes are as penetrating as, well, never mind, let's keep this soft.

And Hung is a show about a male prostitute. And they go there. Yes! Yes! Yes! There.

Showtime has Californication and allows me to have sex with David Duchovny. The Tudors shows a lot of royal lovers. And The L Word is for women to play lesbian. (The audience is mostly straight women, who I would assume fantasize about the sexy ladies on the show. I mean, I have.)

Oddly, the network who seemed to be the originator of soft porn, Skinemax, er Cinemax, doesn't really have a popular series. Though Zane's Sex Chronicles delivers in the soft-core porn department.

And yeah, all of these shows feature great writing, not just boobs and butts and thrusts. (Note: I can't attest for Zane though. Haven't seen it.)

My mom, who watches a lot of soft-corn porn by these standards, even finds Rescue Me to be oh so titillating. It's got just the right amount of raunch (it is Denis Leary) and there are some love scenes, yes, but she said, "Firemen are just sexy."

Whatever turns you on, right?

What soft-core porn show do you love the most?

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