iPad Censors Nipples -- All Nipples, Not Just Porn

ipad user
Flickr photo by smays
Apple's iPad is supposed to be the future of magazines, but Steve Jobs said it's his "moral responsibility" to keep porn off his products.

Let me get this straight -- a product is created for personal use and then the product doesn't allow you to use it as you personally want to use it?


And what about my Mac? I can search for porn and Steve Jobs can't stop me. Well, it doesn't apply there. But when it comes to the iPad, the shiny new product is being protected.

We're not just talking about porn here, though of course, what's porn without a nipple? I don't even think nipples are pornographic, but that's just me -- everyone sees my boobs.

All magazines must adhere to these rules, not just the X-rated ones. There's nudity in a lot of fashion shoots. LOVE magazine featured Beth Ditto in the buff last year and this wouldn't be allowed on the iPad. And the April 2010 issue of Allure magazine featured a nude Catherine Zeta-Jones. Not sure if there was nipple there, though.

But magazines are being asked to censor images themselves before they're allowed on the iPad.

Makes me wonder if this rule applies to images of women breastfeeding.

Makes me also hold on to my love of print and magazines that much more.

What do you think of this censorship?

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