Matt Lauer Divorcing Due to Affair?

Matt Lauer
Photo from Splash News
TODAY show host Matt Lauer is shopping for a new apartment in NYC and splitting from his wife according to The National Enquirer. There are rumors Lauer has been cheating on his wife, Annette, mother to their three children.

Of all people! Matt Lauer is constantly grilling cheating politicians and celebrities and should know you ALWAYS get caught. Usually by a reporter. Like you, Matt Lauer.


Although apparently Lauer is known for his womanizing. Really? I wasn't aware of this nastier side of Matt. But his ex-wife says she's "not surprised." I'm guessing it's not the first time he's stepped out on his vows.

You know, I think we'd be a lot less busy if we started reporting on celebrities who didn't cheat on their partners.

Well, now we all know where in the world you've been.

Gross, Matt. Just ... gross.

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