Virginity for Sale: $20,000

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Justin Sisely, an Australian filmmaker, recruited virgins for a documentary.

These virgins, who will be paid $20,000 and get a portion of the earnings of the film, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

I just felt so dirty writing that.


Losing your virginity is a big deal. It was for me, at least, and for all of my friends. And yeah, I probably did it too young in some people's eyes, but at least I did it with someone I loved ... even if it was in the puppy kind of way.

But being auctioned off and paid to lose your virginity AND having that auction filmed might be one of the most disturbing reality show concepts ever.

It feels like Sisely, the filmmaker, dreamt up this idea in a dorm room while stoned and drinking 40s and sadly, it's one of those ideas that's actually happening. 

Ads saying "Virgins Wanted" over an image of the Virgin Mary were posted last year.

Male and female virgins signed up for this.

Because of this, Sisely faced prostitution charges in Australia, so he's moving it to a brothel in Las Vegas. You can bid in person, but you can also put your money on a virgin online. 

One of the participants, a 21-year-old female said she signed up to earn money and change perceptions about sex.

A 20-year-old male virgin said he's auctioning off his virginity as a way to meet someone.

The filmmaker has obviously thought of all the backlash, so the website explains how each virgin is asked what virginity means to them and if it has value in the 21st century. (Although Sisely already put a value on it -- $20,000.) 

He says the objective is to "create a discourse that questions the repressive religious, political, and social mechanisms that limit the ways that we can understand and act upon our individual sexual natures."

I think after the film is made, the auction has closed, and the bidders get what they paid for, there will be a lot of non-virgins who have to live with regret.

What do you think of a documentary on the auction of someone's virginity?

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