Mother's Day Makes Women Cheat

sex computer
Flickr photo by je@n
Not what I expected to hear about post-Mother's Day behavior, but MomLogic is reporting that the website where marrieds go to wander,, usually sees a surge in female members looking to cheat on their spouse the day after Mother's Day. This year? A big one.


I'm just going to assume there are some partners out there who didn't read our list of what not to buy for Mother's Day, since 31,427 moms were so pissed at their spouse they took to the Internets in search of a partner in crime. reports that 67 percent of those cheating ladies are stay-at-home moms.

I'm really blown away here. My husband didn't disappoint this Mother's Day, but even if he had, I wouldn't consider it a license to cheat. It's mind-boggling, especially since there are websites that exist solely for married people to hook up with other married people. This seriously puts a dent in that "it just happened" excuse.

Do any of you get this? Would one bad Mother's Day put your relationship over the edge?

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