Morning Sex and How to Love It (or At Least Deal With It)

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Morning sex is so great in theory. It's the perfect way to start the day; the sun is streaming in, giving a fairy-tale-like glow on your bodies, you're not yet fully awake so you're acting more on animalistic instinct ... sounds hot.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not a morning person, and unless I have no plans other than lying in bed, drinking my coffee, and doing The New York Times crossword, I'm going to choose sleep over sex. Sorry, bucko, I know (and see) that you're rearin' to go ... it just ain't happenin'.


Kids need to be clothed and fed, the dog needs to be walked, you have to get ready for work ... all of these things have a tendency to put a damper on a morning romp. Ironically, it's in the morning when men tend to be most excited.

We can blame that on science.

Men's "morning wood" is formally called Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, which is the spontaneous occurrence of an erection during sleep. It basically means that, while your dude is sleeping, he's unable to control his erections like he can during the day; therefore, hello junior.

I understand that men have their needs and that sometimes, us gals should just suck it up. There's that compromise idea again (geezus). So, if you're like me and would rather hit the snooze button instead of rolling in the sheets, try to mentally prepare yourself.

  • Go to bed earlier. If you go to bed earlier, you'll know that you had that 30 minutes of sleep that you're missing out on. This personally helps me out the most.
  • Set your alarm. Twice. If you have one of those alarms that allow you to set multiple ones, do so. One to wake you up, and one to make sure you get up. I know how easy it is to reset the alarm in the morning ... it's that darn second one that I forget about that always seems to do the trick.
  • Have breath mints by the bed. If the funky breath is a major turnoff for you, set breath mints by the bed for a quick fix.
  • Wear lingerie (or nothing) to bed. Whatever makes you feel sexy. It'll help set the mood, even in the morning light.

Who knows, after a few sessions, maybe we'll get used to it and be the ones doing the morning fondling.

Are you a fan of morning sex? If not, do you ever do it to please your partner?

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