Romantic Tip: Participate in One of His Favorite Activities

baseball tickets
Photo by Mr. T in DC
The thought of an afternoon sitting underneath the hot sun and eating stale hot dogs at a baseball park may not sound like fun for everyone.

But if your man will enjoy it ... suck it up and do it!


Think about it, how many times have you dragged him to a chick flick or made him take you to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick out curtains? I'm pretty sure he'd rather have been anywhere else (a guillotine? In jail? Stranded on a deserted island?), but he did it because you wanted him to.

Relationships are about compromise, so instead of sending him off to his buddy's house to watch the big game, offer to watch it with him. Or go listen to that heavy metal band (ick) play. And try to take an interest in it. If you don't understand something about the activity, ask. He'll feel like a hot shot spouting off all of the trivia he knows about it and hey, who knows, you may end up liking it!

What's something that your SO enjoys doing that you never want to do?

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