IKEA Date Night

Flickr photo by Patrick Hoelsy
I have a confession. I have gone to IKEA on more than one date night. And I'll go again.

The IKEA date night phenomena came to my attention about a year ago, and I kind of laughed. Then we took my 3-year-old, snuggled my infant in my carrier, enjoyed some mac and cheese, and got to browse the new living rooms.

The IKEA romper room offers two hours of free child care if your kiddo is potty-trained and a certain height (that seems to coincide perfectly with potty-training). They have cheap meals and you can test out bed springs and dining room tables. That's fun, right?


We tried out this recession date night when the new IKEA opened in Brooklyn. Given the economic crunch that was happening last year, coupled with the increase in babysitter fees with the addition of our second child, my husband and I decided there were worse things we could do with our date night.

The first time it was quirky and funny, but now that we live in LA, have cars, and are short on home goods in our new pad, we've made this date night happen multiple times. You know what? It's still quirky and funny. And we're knocking things off our to-do list. The Swedish meatballs aren't half bad either.

Have you ever had a date night at IKEA? Would you?

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