A Dating Mistake: Texting Before the Date

Flickr photo by eron_gpsfs
Friday: Guy gets my number.

Monday: He texts me, asking me out for the following Thursday night.

Tuesday - Thursday: We text back and forth the basics -- what we do, where we live, etc. And I get that silly grin on my face each time Adam ? From Bar lights up on my screen.

Thursday night: Date night. We have absolutely nothing to talk about now because we've already covered everything you talk about on a first date. And it's too soon to talk about fourth- and fifth-date subjects.

Lots of awkward silences later, date ends.


I do this all the time.

Why? Mostly because I'm more witty via text, which makes me seem way cooler than I really am. But then the adorable charm I worked so hard to create through words gets negated when we sit there, staring at each other over our calamari appetizer. 

Maybe one day I'll learn. In the meantime, I have to answer this text from the guy I have a date with tonight ...

Do you text before the first date?

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