Give the Gift of Orgasm on Mother's Day

Babeland; $80
If what you (or your, um, friend) really want for Mother's Day is to get off, send your partner to Babeland where this She Comes First gift pack will help ensure a very, very happy Mom's Day -- or night.


First you've got your how-to guide, She Comes First, a manual written by sexpert, Ian Kerner. (The giver should read this prior to giving.) Also included is the G-spot nubby and the Babeland Buzz vibrator.

To get the sexpot mom in the mood, there's a Babeland candle. Then tie on a silky blindfold and break out the flavored lube for oral pleasure. Hot enough for ya?

This is one of those Mother's Day gifts that just keeps on (and on and on and on) giving.

She Comes First Gift Set ($80) -- Babeland

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