Serena Williams' Cell-Phone Breakup Strategy
Such a funny Tweet-question from Serena Williams. In brief: Have you ever renamed someone in your cell phone to remind yourself not to answer? She reveals, in her next tweet, that she's named people "Bad Spirit," "Crazy Don't Answer," and "Psycho Stalker."

One of her pals admits to three "Don't Answer"s, one "She Might Kill You in Your Sleep," and one "Sucks at Life."

While some people expressed surprise that one wouldn't just ignore a call from someone unsavory (who are these people, and where do they get their willpower?), other pals o' mine reported these names from their cell-phone-drama days:


Bad Breath Eric
Sergeant Psycho
Concentrated Evil
Pick Up and Regret It
I'm an Idiot
Horse's Ass

Then there's the ringtone strategy: Change the detested person's ringtone to something ominous. One knew his relationship was over when he simply changed his girlfriend's ringtone to a baby crying. Another has Darth Vader's entrance music. Someone else changed his ringtone to four seconds of silence so he could honestly say, "I didn't hear your call."

It's poignant how these things stick with you; I have a pal who tagged an ex's number with a distinctive ringtone, and now, whenever she hears that tone coming from anyone's phone, she gets a sick feeling in her stomach.

Oddly, this isn't something I've ever done! I just delete people -- or change my number. Heartless, that's me.

Have you ever changed someone's name or ringtone to reinforce your no-contact rule? Tell us in the comments!

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