So-So Sex Is Okay? Says Who?

empty bed
Flickr photo by modomatic
So apparently women can't tolerate infidelity in a relationship, but they can tolerate some ho-hum time in the sack.

Caitlin Kelly's Broadside post pointed me in the direction of this enlightening O Magazine survey about what makes women leave, and I'm so not happy about these results.

Only 7% of women surveyed said they'd leave a relationship due to sexual incompatibility. So 93% of the women surveyed would stay in a sexless (or bad-sex) marriage?


One-third of the respondents said that infidelity would be a reason to leave the marriage. Agreed. But I'm shocked that only 7% said that being incompatible in the bedroom wouldn't be reason enough to leave and find someone else they can connect with physically.

I do realize I'm at the beginning of my marriage, and while we've had to contend with the pressures of two small children -- among other things -- we haven't yet seen each other through serious illness or other things that might physically restrict either of us for the long term, libido-wise.

But I still can't imagine staying in a relationship with someone where there was nothing left in your erotic/romantic life. If the sex isn't happening (again, barring any physical impairment), then something else in the relationship is in need of attention. I'm going to find out what that something else is, and fast, rather than accept my fate.

Because once the sex goes ...

Would you stay in a sexless marriage? Or continue to have crappy sex?

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