Meeting the Friends: The Final Judgement

My crew -- see why a guy would be intimidated?
One of the biggest milestones for me in a relationship is having the guy meet my friends.

It's the ultimate judgement. If my friends love him, then he's probably The One. Unfortunately, no single guy has yet been able to win their hearts. They're a tough crowd, but they're usually right. 


It initially takes a few months of dating a guy before I even consider introducing him to my group. It's a huge step for me ... my friends are my family. I'd sooner introduce him to my mom before my friends (thankfully, I don't have to do that either, as she lives 1,500 miles away ... and yes, I realize this probably screams of commitment issues).

I have the protective guy friends who will threaten to kick his ass if he hurts me one minute and then have a beer with him the next. My girl friends psychoanalyze the crap out the poor guy, watching and dissecting his every move so that, when he does indeed hurt me, they can go, "I told you so" while spooning more ice cream into the bowl while I blubber on my couch.

I'm lucky to have friends like that, who care so deeply about my happiness. They know me better than I know myself, and I know that when I do finally introduce them to the guy who sweeps them off their feet, he'll be the one who sweeps me off mine.

When do you introduce a new guy to your friends? Is it a big step for you?

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