Romance Tip: Have a Karaoke Song

Two of my best friends, Nina and Anton
Two of my best friends happen to be the most friggin' adorable couple that I know. Nina and Anton have been together for about two years now, and they're still in that lovey-dovey honeymoon stage.

It's actually rather sickening (or maybe I'm just jealous?). 


One of many things I find so darn cute about them is that they have a karaoke song that they perform together whenever our little group goes to a karaoke bar. They always sing "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. It's silly and not the typical Grease duet (and Anton does the best creepy guy voice when he does it). The crowd loves it, and they always get a standing ovation. It's a fun little tradition that they have together. They've even been known to practice it at home (sshh, they'd kill me if they knew I was blabbing that).

So if you and your partner enjoy karaoke, release your inner Sonny and Cher and do a duet together! 

Do you and your SO ever do karaoke? What would your duet song be?

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