Curvy Women: Better Than Beer?

An hourglass figure really turns men on. You hear me, ladies?

It turns out that when Fergie sang, "I'm gonna get you, get you drunk -- get you love-drunk off my humps," she was right. According to a new study, when guys look at a woman's particularly luscious curves, their brains react as if they just had drugs or alcohol.

The study specifically looked at butts -- big, round, juicy butts. Fourteen men looked at pictures of posteriors, before and after the women in them had surgery to move fat from their waists to their derrieres. Brain scans showed that after looking at the second set of photos, the "rewards" parts of the men's brains lit up like Christmas trees.

And the thing about those parts of the brain? Once you get a taste of those brain rewards, you gotta have more.


Earlier studies focused not just on butt size, but on the hip-to-hiney ratio -- in other words, how much bigger the booty was than the waist. If your butt matches your waist too closely, that's not as tasty as an hourglass figure. So this explains the bizarre phenomenon of skinny women wearing padded butts.

What's new about this study is this: In a normal brain, those reward receptors are enough. But a person prone to addiction needs more and more to be satisfied. That's why you get alcoholism, addiction, and other problems -- like, say, sexual addiction? Could it be that there's a chemical component to Jesse James' misbehaving or the bank scandal involving government workers watching tons of porn? Maybe, though that's more of an explanation than an excuse.

The thing I keep coming back to is this: If guys like curves, who's responsible for the persistence of skeletor women? Seriously!

What do you think? Do guys like curves? Why the fear of them? Tell us in the comments!

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