Love Locks: The New Way to Proclaim Your Love

love locks
Flickr photo by chrissy575
Bridges often seem to be the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous. Young lovers gaze into each other's eyes as the sun sets to the west, old couples hold hands as they sit on the benches, overlooking the waters that the bridge hovers above -- it's so picturesque.


So it's no surprise that lovers are using the Ponte Milvio in Rome to profess their love for each other. They've created a tradition of leaving padlocks behind on the bridge, symbolizing their secure love, and then tossing the keys into the endless waters. There are literally hundreds of locks, some with initials and dates scribbled into the metal backings, all meaning the same thing, "We are in love."


This tradition stemmed from the 2004 movie Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo (based on a 1992 novel by Federico Moccia), which showed a couple doing the very same thing. And it's now crossed the Atlantic because love locks are being spotted on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Those Europeans sure do know romance.

Do you find this romantic? Would you and your SO ever do something like this?


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