Signs of a Control Freak, Taking It Slow: Links I Love

Flickr photo by (aka Brent)
Happy Friday! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned! Only a few more hours left in the day, so check out these links to help pass the time:

  • Who here has dated a control freak? I can't count how many I've dated. But there are five red flags you can keep a lookout for.
  • If you just met a guy, it's really good to take things slooooow, even if he's unbelievably gorgeous with his shirt off. Sigh. Here are seven date ideas that will help you get to know him. Slowly.
  • Argh. Even meerkats can find love online. What's wrong with me?!?! Though they're pretty darn cute.
  • Australian, British, Italian, French, I don't care ... I love a man with an accent. Why is that?
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