Happy Masturbation Month!

Flickr photo by Dani Lurie
May is Masturbation Month, so it kind of sucks my hands are too busy typing right now to celebrate.

But solo satisfaction doesn't always have to be solo.


I find it extremely sexy to watch my man take matters into his own hands.

And his eyes certainly appreciate when I do the same.

We just do it right next to each other. You've done this, right?

Please say you have, and if you haven't, now is the perfect time. It's May, spring is in the air, we're frisky, and it's Masturbation Month!

Of course, if you're flying solo, I want you to put your writing hand in front of your face. That's right, go on. Now say hello to the ultimate sex toy, one that travels with you wherever you go without having any embarrassing bag search revelations at, say, the airport or when entering the NYC subway system.

And your mouth, you know that liquid-y stuff inside it? Yeah, saliva. It works wonders on that hand when you introduce it to your lady bits to celebrate the month as it should be celebrated.

Now go on. Celebrate!

Will you be celebrating Masturbation Month? Please say, "Yes, yes, YES!"

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