Romance Tip: Have a Daytime Date

giants v. mets
Day game, baby!
By the end of the day, I'm often exhausted and, frankly, I can't imagine anyone else managing to wrassle my toddler into bed and actually get her to sleep. She's a charming child, but evenings aren't her strong suit. I think my husband and I have had two actual date nights in the past 18 months.

But it's easy to find childcare during the day! I can send her for a play date or buy a couple hours with a friend's nanny for a fraction of what I'd pay an evening babysitter devoted solely to my sprog. That's what my husband and I did when we decided it was really high time we saw Avatar before it left the IMAX theater for good. Bonus: Matinee tickets are way cheaper!

Why don't you ... plan a daytime date?


There are great ways to sneak date-days into your schedule. There are day-games at the ballpark, theater and movie matinees, or even lingering lunches when the kids are safely at school (and it's easy for you both to get away). Heck, I had a boyfriend who took me up to the furniture displays at Macy's for a little midday make-out on the fancy couches. Can you think of a better reason to sneak out of the office?

The bonus is that when you see each other that night, you're rejuvenated and full of that fresh-date feeling -- and possibly a bit charged up from all the flirting (unless you were very resourceful).

The weekends are another great opportunity. Maybe the kids have a birthday party and you find yourselves with two hours free. Don't go off in different directions and various projects -- make it a date! A dayyyyte. Get it?

Have you gotten creative with the timing of your dates? Tell us in the comments!

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