5 Things About Sandra Bullock's Love Life

Sandra Bullock
Photo by John Shearer/Getty
Now that we've shared 5 things about some of our love lives here at The Stir, it's time to speculate about others.

Every week I'll bring you my thoughts on celebrity love lives in the news. Based solely on my tabloid reading (what, you think any super star is actually going to spill???) I'm making five assumptions about a celebrity and their hot business.

This week I'll tell you about Sandra Bullock and her love secrets (that I made up.)


1. I prefer the lunch date since I'm now going to bed at 10pm . . . and again at 2am . . . and again at 5am.

2. Tattoos are a major turn off.

3. I love a little dirty talk in bed. Something like,"Take me, MILF!" will really get me going.

4. I like long walks on the beach, and hate Nazi paraphernalia.

5. If you're going home with me, you'd better be great at keeping secrets. No, I mean really, really great. Like the biggest secret you've ever heard in your life, great. Really dude, you'd better not tell.


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