A Dating Story: First Date in the Big City

View from Top of the Roc
Did you have a hot date last night and are bursting at the seams to tell someone? Spill, honey.

Maybe you went on a really great date a year ago that still makes you weak in the knees (lucky girl!) ... we want to hear about it!

We even want to know about those awful first date stories (of which I have way more than my share)!

Every week, we'll peek into the dating lives of our readers, and this week one of my dearest friends, who just moved to New York, shares her first NYC date experience.


I met this guy while I was perusing the architecture section of Barnes and Noble. We chatted, and then he asked for my number. Two days later, he sent me a text, asking me out. We met the next night in Union Square and had dinner at this super-fancy tapas restaurant (well, it was super-fancy to me, I'm from a small town). After a lengthy dinner of quasi-good conversation, he says, "I have a surprise for you." My ears pricked up real fast, I love surprises!

We hailed a cab and sped uptown to Rockefeller Center. I thought this touristy spot was an odd selection, especially since he'd lived here for many years. He led me into the building, where he bought two tickets for the Top of the Rock. I had to admit, since I was new, I was kind of excited, even if it was "touristy." I'd never been to NYC before moving here, so I'd never done anything like this before.

We rode the elevator up, stepped out, and oh my gosh! The view was amazing! He led me to the edge, looking out onto the city that was my new home, and whispered in my ear, "Welcome to New York."

I thought my heart popped out of my chest at that exact moment. Cheesy? Absolutely. But I loved it and thought it was the most romantic thing that anyone's ever done!

We stood there for a good 30 minutes, just chatting and holding each other, then he took me home. That was about two months ago, and though we went on several dates since then, it sort of fizzled out (which, as I'm told, happens more often than not in the NYC dating scene). Even though it didn't work out, that first date will forever remain an amazing memory.

Oh my gosh ... how romantic is that?!

Whether it be a first date or the 100th date with your hubby of 10 years, we want to hear about it! If you want your dating story to be featured, shoot us an email telling us about it and select Love & Sex as the subject.

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