5 Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive (for Women Under 30)

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I feel a lot more sexual since I entered my dirty 30s. I don't know if it's because I'm more secure in myself, or that I stopped taking Depo (total libido kill), or that shortly after turning 30, I'd just come out of a long-term relationship where the spark kind of died.

Lemondrop reports that low libido can be a result of stress, birth control, and anti-depressants -- something very much a part of the lives of women 18 to 30. But there's another reason why women under 30 aren't having as much sex as they once were -- Hollywood.

It's not Tina Fey Hollywood, it's more like Heidi Pratt Hollywood. And it's lame.


According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, the things we see on TV and film can warp our minds into having unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex. People fall in and out of bed on film as if "sex is always the number one priority in people's lives."

And then there are women like Heidi who go to extreme lengths to appear sexier. (Note: Heidi thinks she's sexier, I don't.) Heidi, of course, is a victim of these very same Hollywood expectations.

It was reported that 43% of women have sexual issues, a rising number, and 1 in 10 doesn't have any interest in sex at all. So how do you boost your sex drive?

  1. Toss the birth control ... if you can. Make him wear a condom. (Don't laugh. Okay laugh!)
  2. Focus on things that make you feel sexy and make time for love. Check out our romance tips for ideas.
  3. De-stress yourself. Get a massage or have your partner massage you -- or try meditating or yoga. Deep breathing works really well for me.
  4. Rewire your thoughts. Dr. Debby says that instead of thinking, Oh no, he wants sex again. All he ever wants is sex, think, He thinks I'm so hot, he can't resist himself.
  5. Don't compare your sex drive with anyone else's, especially those in Hollywood. 

It's often hard to find time for love, especially with a family, but at the core is mom and dad, right? Making time to nurture that relationship (and your sex life) will make the family as a whole so much happier.

And for those of you over 30 wondering where your tips are ... these will certainly help us "old" gals out. But more on that coming soon!

Does your sex life need a boost?

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