"Sunset Daze": Old People Sex Up Reality TV

I hope I'm a kinky senior citizen and not a crabby-pants cranky one. The old folks on Sunset Daze, a new reality show on WeTV, aren't only kinky, but cooler than some young-ish people I know.

Yes, you read that right -- a reality show -- and it follows seven seniors living in one of the largest retirement communities in America. If you're just finding out about this now, like me, don't worry -- we've only missed two episodes. 

These oldies are wild!


Sandy is the adventurous one -- she a 68-year-old widow who's dating. Though she seems to really enjoy the company of BOB -- BOB stands for "battery-operated boyfriend." Spicy!

Jack is 72 and enjoys going to The Singles Club. And the over 70, fiery redhead with "the flip" hairdo is an actress from New Yawk. Yeah, Gail tawks with quite the accent. I love her and can listen to her talk for hours.

I also love the stripper pole these ladies want to master.

And they make me not so scared about getting old.

And I totally want to hang out with them.

Instead of sad old people stuff, this crew makes the retirement home seem more like a college dorm, where every day there's a new saga -- they booze it up, get bad tattoos, get excited about driving in tricked-out cars. I mean, this sounds exactly like my own college experience! (Except for the year I was straight-edge.) And I don't think I'll feel as trashy watching it as I do when I watch Jersey Shore.

I even think I'd prefer to watch Sandy make out with Jack over Snookie tonguing it up with The Situation.

It's on WeTV on Wednesdays, 10 p.m./9 central.

Does the thought of seniors having sex gross you out?

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