Ways to Deal With Guys' Night Out

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Guys need their time, just like I need my time. I get that. But what if said guy's friends are all the single, strip club-loving, boozing 'til you fall over type?


Yeah, yeah, if you trust the person, blah blah. But there's that oh-so-overdone line that bears repeating at least one more time, "I trust him ... it's other people that I don't trust."

I've dealt with this issue many times in past relationships, especially at the beginning of the relationship when, heck, I don't even trust him yet. Wow, don't I sound like a crazy, possessive type? I promise, I'm not.

You may not like his friends, but you're dating him, and his friends are part of the package deal. Sucks, don't it? But there are a couple of things that you can do to make "Guys Night Out" not seem like quite the relationship pothole that it may appear to be.

  • Meet his friends: Hang out with them, talk to them, do what they do, and booze until you fall over with them. Whatever. Just get to know them. The more they know you and realize how cool of a chick you are, the less they're going to pressure the boyfriend into taking that belly shot off of the hot bartender. 
  • Have a girls' night: While your man's out with his dudes, go out with your gals. It'll take your mind off of the things that he's probably not doing. No one wants to be Aidan waiting for Carrie with only his bucket of KFC to keep company (Sex and the City reference, people ... please tell me you know it).
  • Give him a lil' somethin' somethin': Sending him off with a little reminder (wink, wink) will guarantee that you're on his mind when he's out, and he'll be racing home at the end of the night. Just make sure you, er, satisfy him. You definitely don't want to cast a horny guy out into the scene full of scantily clad 20-somethings. 

How do you handle the dreaded guys' night out?

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