Happy Hour Date Night

Flickr photo by GypsyFae
Maybe you don't need a whole night to have a proper date. Or perhaps you're just short on time and money.

Either way, I'd like you to consider the Happy Hour Date Night, where you meet up after work, have a couple, then head home to the Best of YouTube.

If you don't have a corner bar where everybody knows your name and happy hour specials are a daily occurrence, here are some ways to track down your local happy hour watering hole.

  • They're serious about the happy hour in San Diego, even publishing a Happy Hour Magazine. You can bet you'll find great bar snacks here.
  • Always reliable for good info, Thrillist serves up the best damn happy hour bars in Los Angeles. Lucky for most of you, Thrillist also has the lowdown on Atlanta, Austin, Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Coming soon to Denver and San Diego.
  • With dinner and drink prices more than your hourly wage, thank New York Magazine's Cheap Bar issue that offers up happy hour highlights for the most expensive city in the US.
  • For the rest of the nation, check out Happy-Hour.com, where you can hand over your zip code, and they'll give you the address of a happy hour near you.

Remember, always drink responsibly, and cheaply.

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