Do You Have Couple Friends?

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The older I get, the harder it is to maintain couple friendships. It isn't easy to find two people both my husband and I have things in common with so we can sit through a dinner together without playing games on the iPhone. (My husband does this when he's bored -- so annoying!)

Now that we have kids, we'd love to have more couple with kids friends, and we'd love for that couple with a kid to live close to us.

Which makes me think of Amy.


Amy is a woman I met when I was on maternity leave. It was a blustery February day and the double stroller didn't fit into the store, so I huddled up in a doorway waiting for my husband to come out with the groceries. Amy saw me when she came out of the store and started up a conversation -- she was also a new mom on maternity leave and she lived a block away. She gave me her number and I never called.

I wanted to. I'm just awkward on the phone and I didn't know if a text message was appropriate.

Hey let's have coffee! I'm the twin mom you met outside Gourmet Fresh! Want to go to Cafe Pedlar?


I'm so much better in person.

My husband says this was our chance to hang out with a local couple with a kid and I blew it. But maybe it's not too late? I mean, she's a new mom too; she's been busy.

If I do actually text or, gasp, call her, then I'm going to have the anxiety of our first "date," complete with shaky first-time conversation. What if we have different parenting styles? What if we go out once and she never wants to hang out again?

It's like dating all over again.

I'll text her. It's worth a shot, right?

Do you have couple friends? Is it difficult for you to make these kinds of friends too?

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