Premature Ejaculation? There's a Pill for That

Flickr photo by Totoro!
Priligy, a new pill to help men hold off on ejaculation, is now being sold in the UK after being available in other European countries.

Depending on your point of view, this is a "sex wonder pill" as it's been called, or a "please don't tell my husband" pill.


However, if you're a man who suffers from consistent premature ejaculation (not just an occasional enthusiastic outburst), it could mean the difference between a healthy or a horribly embarrassing sex life.

Priligy works by altering the serotonin levels in a man's brain rather than simply numbing the penis, like the sprays and creams that rarely work in curbing premature ejaculation. The pills are very pricey in the UK: $126 for a 3-pack. Also, you can't take them with alcohol, which might put a damper on a romantic evening if your partner enjoys a glass of red to get in the mood, and you can't join her. (But not as big of a damper as knowing intercourse won't last long enough for the other person to get their jollies as well.)

No word on it's availability in the US, or even if the FDA is looking into bringing Priligy overseas.

Would you want your partner to take Priligy?

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