John Edwards to Testify in Sex Tape Case

Flickr photo by idabat gayyum
John Edwards
' and Rielle Hunter's sex tape isn't simply going to disappear into the annals of porn history. Edwards is going to have to testify in court about their torrid extra-marital affair -- including details about the sex tape -- and soon.

The Daily Beast has the exclusive on Rielle Hunter v. Andrew Young and reports Edwards is scheduled for a May 13 court date as Hunter fights to get the tape back in her possession and out of Young's hands, who also happens to be Edwards' former BFF.

It's all so slimy, right?


I feel like I should somehow feel sorry for John Edwards, seeing how far the potentially mighty has fallen. But as someone in the public eye for the past seven years, he should've known two things: 1) Never EVER let a sex tape out of your sight. If you do, then 2) just assume you're going to have to testify about it in a court of law at some point.

Really, is there any sex tape the public doesn't hear about or view surreptitiously during office hours? Then regret viewing -- because nonprofessionals having sex isn't as appealing as one might think.

I don't want to see Rielle Hunter pregnant and getting it on with John "the haircut" Edwards, but I might want to see Edwards squirm under the giant mess he's made of his life and reputation.

Do you think the court should let Edwards off the hook and allow him to live in peace?

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