I'm Single ... So What?

Solo at a friend's wedding ... gasp!
I'm from the deep South, and as much as I love my roots, there's one thing that drives me crazy about the culture: Everyone gets married so damn young. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that (in fact, I was *this* close to doing so myself), what bugs me is how "poor, single me" is treated when I visit.


This conversation happens more times than I can count:

Family friend: Brittny! How are ya, honey? You look great! You got a ring on that finger yet?

Me: Aw, thanks! You do too! Ha, no, not hardly.

Family friend: Well, that's just too bad. You datin' anyone?

Me: Nah, no one special.

Family friend: Oh, don't you worry darlin', you'll find someone soon. I just know it.

Gee, thanks.

What if I don't want to find someone soon? What if I'm perfectly fine being my single self? After all, I'm only 25 years old. Is it really all that sad? I personally don't find it worthy of sympathy looks.

But when I show a lack of concern for my lack of partner, people look at me as if I just grew two heads and reiterate that "my time will come." What the hell does that mean anyway? It carries the weight of some sort of world-altering destiny being bestowed upon me. "My time will come" ... dum dum dum.

I guess the whole "getting a job that I love and having amazing friends that I can count on for anything" mean nada. It's not until I find that "special someone" will I truly be happy. Good to know. Thank you Aunt Marge for that enlightenment.

Why is it that being single almost has this stigma attached to it? As if something is wrong with us? Any single ladies out there ever experience this? For those of you who are single moms, do you ever feel pressured?



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