Romance Tip: Flash a Secret Sign

No Ordinary Love book cover
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Retired NBA star Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, starred in a TV show based on their marriage and have penned two relationship-advice books. 

The latest, Luv-Pons ($11.01 at Amazon), is a compendium of romance tips for couples. Considering their marriage survived his professional-athlete career (oy, the stories!), they must be doing something right.

In a recent interview, the couple revealed that they had a secret sign that meant "I love you" that Doug could flash during games, so that no matter what else was going on, they could maintain their connection. How cute is that?


This is an especially good technique if you're going somewhere high-stress – dinner with your parents, who are always annoying to him, or the school fair where his ex-wife is going to be. Anyplace, really, where you can't sneak away and whisper intensely at each other until one or both of you feels better.

What kind of sign? Well, Carol Burnett used to tug on her ear to tell her Nanny everything was all right. That's kinda retro ... and maybe not all that sexy. You can always wink, but everyone knows what that means. The Christie signal apparently looks a bit like sign language for "I love you." Tell you what -- you figure it out, I have faith in you.

The important thing is to remember you're a team -- and remind each other of it even when things are crappy. It'll strengthen your bond, give you a giggle, and if you're really lucky, make his ex-wife roll her eyes in disgust.

Or maybe that's just me.

Do you and your darling have a secret sign? Have you kept your connection in a stressful sitch? Tell us about it in the comments!

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