Tranny Granny: A Lesson in Accepting Differences

Flickr photo by Foxtongue
Tom Henderson's father is a cross-dresser. It's something he discovered as an adult, and like any child who thinks they know everything about their (boring, of course) parents, he was a little freaked out.


So much so that he tried to hide the truth from his young daughter. As Henderson explains in Tranny Granny on ParentDish, he dodged the awkward moments when his daughter stumbled upon ladies underwear and even made up terribly interesting stories when his daughter's softball team stumbled upon a wig and giant muumuu in the back of the minivan:

"I told the team that they were for an elderly 300-pound shut-in who had lost her hair in a tragic accident involving pruning shears."

His daughter, being a perceptive kid, wasn't buying it, and Henderson knew it. But he was shocked that when he finally sat her down for the transvestite talk, she shrugged and reaffirmed her love for her Grandpa no matter what kind of underwear he donned.

It actually didn't surprise me that his 11-year-old daughter was so focused on her love for her grandfather instead of the thing that set him apart from the other grandpas at the school play. As Madeline Holler put it when gay marriage was banned in California: Don't worry, our kids will fix it.

Kids today are more and more accepting of people with differences, and that's a good thing. Additionally, people who don't fit the "norm" are a lot more comfortable being themselves, so kids are immersed in a variety of lifestyles, races, and religions at their family reunions, in their neighborhood, and at school.

Children see human beings, not labels (unless someone is at home teaching them to hate other people), and Henderson was truly blessed to witness the result of this new generation's acceptance and love of all kinds.

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