The Best Condom When You Don't Want to Wear One

Photo from Babeland
Practicing safer sex is a must-do. Why would you ruin an amazing moment wondering if you're going to catch something or wind up with an unexpected human being at the end of the night?

But condoms often get a bad rap. Unfairly, I might add. Then again, I'm not the dude who has to slide it on.


There are a lot of condoms out there that claim to feel like your own skin or like they're not even there. But 1) that's just not true and 2) you could be using something that's built more for smoothness and less for STD and pregnancy protection.

Beyond Seven is a Japanese brand that's produced by a company that actually manufactures rubber. So they know their stuff. They use a material called Sheerlon, which is durable but incredibly thin. Babeland also recommends Beyond Seven when you're looking for a little more traction. Most importantly, our male tester reported a dramatic difference in sensation from the traditional Trojan.

I could go on about the silkiness factor of Beyond Seven condoms and the company's commitment to safety (they have their own electrical pinhole test), but, I repeat, a real male tester with a penis said it felt amazing. And once you know you've got a safe product, that's really all the endorsement you need.

You can sign up for a free condom at Beyond Seven and give it the feel test yourself.

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