Embarrassing Stories: Tingling Lube

Flickr photo by stringbot
Embarrassing moments ... they're proof of Mother Nature's bad sense of humor. And when those embarrassing moments happen when you're trying to impress a guy on a date or during sex (gah!), it's even worse.

But, once time has passed and you've gotten a couple of good therapy sessions in, you learn to laugh about those mortifying incidents.

Today's embarrassing moment causes me to be terrified to ever try new things in the bedroom.


Tingling lube.

It sounds divine, doesn't it? Like it should be a small slice of heaven.

So I buy some. I was much younger and still of the age that entering that section of Target was somewhat foreboding, but curiosity had gotten the better of me, and I had a new husband.

So we go for it, and everything is just picture-perfect, and hubby reaches for the bottle, squirts some in his hand, trails his fingers slowly downward ...

I'm telling you, I was on fire. And not in a heaven-knows-no-bounds, porn-type fire. The kind of fire that makes you wonder if you've contracted some kind of unknown third-world disease, or if hell itself had unfurled its wrath on your unsuspecting vagina.

What's worse, being a bit of a screamer, it actually took me a few minutes to convince him that this was NOT a good thing.

Allergies are a real bitch, that's for sure.

Have you ever been allergic to a product that was for the bedroom?

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