Most Women Don't Like Their BF's Looks

Flickr photo by Migraine Chick
In a survey that just makes me sad, 83% of the women asked said they find celebrities more attractive than their boyfriends. Hopefully they're talking about looks and not behaviors.

One in ten of these brutally honest women even said they were embarrassed by their boyfriend's looks. So not nice.


Let me go on the record right now and say I find my husband 100% hot. I'd never, ever want him to look like anyone else but himself -- because, you know, I think he's hot.

You may not think he's hot (and I'd say you were crazy if you didn't) but to each her own. I'd like to think I wouldn't couple with someone I didn't find wildly attractive, no matter if he didn't measure up to the Brad Pitt standard. (Which, to me, he totally does.)

All of this is to say, girlfriends, why are you selling your men down the river? These gals say they're more concerned about their dude's appearance than their own! Mind your own mirror, ladies.

Of course, this study was conducted by the Good Surgeon Guide, a cosmetic surgery outfit that's trying to promote the idea that it doesn't matter what sex you are, cosmetic surgery should be an option!

How about some self-acceptance as an option? And share some of that love with your men while you're at it.

Ladies, do you think it's okay to criticize your man's looks?

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