Couple of the Week: Laura & James

Photo by Laura7485
Having kids and making love last isn't always a walk in the park. So we've decided to highlight those lovebirds who've managed to make it work. Please meet Laura (aka Laura7485) and her husband James, whose mutual impulsive behavior led them to living happily ever after.


How did you meet? We met at work, where he was a cell phone repair tech and I did quality control. Six months after we met, we got married!

Was it love at first sight? I instantly fell for him. He was so quiet when I first met him, but I was persistent and got him to open up. He says he fell in love with my smile.

What was the courtship like?
FAST. We're pretty impulsive people. He proposed and said, "We're getting married next Friday." And we did.

Do you guys have a special "song"? Our song is "Friday I'm in Love." The day we got married was a Friday, and this song was playing in the car after we were done getting married (we eloped). He usually plays it on his iPod on Fridays for me.

How did he propose? When we were dating, every Wednesday after he got off of work, he'd bring me a rose. He did this for about two months. One Wednesday was different. The rose was fake. He got down on one knee and told me how his love would last as long as that rose. My engagement ring was tied to the end of it.

What are your favorite quirks about each other? Laura: He builds things. I'm not saying he's good at it, but if he puts his mind to building something, he does it. He's the same about cooking. He's amazing at cooking.
James: Her lack of social grace. She usually throws people off. She tells it how it is or how it's going to be, without fear of repercussion. People are usually too stunned to fight back.

If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be? Laura: I'd change his sleeping patterns. He stays up so late and then it takes forever to get him out of bed in the morning.
James: Her "high school girl" behavior around female friends. It's just annoying. She knows what I'm talking about.

What's the sexiest thing you find about your partner? Laura: I find his confidence very sexy. When he walks into a room, he just commands attention.
James: Her spontaneity. I find that sexy.

How has your life changed since your daughters Ava (3) and Kamlyn (2) were born? Laura: My days are never the same. They make my life have meaning, like I never knew they would.
James: I don't get to go out and do things, but they're random. Every day is different. The long, dreary, boring silence is broken by their laughter. They crack me up.

Is there anything that you do now that you thought you'd never do?
Laura: I never thought that I'd spend my time away from my kids, worrying so much about them. You always see people who just can't wait to get away from their kids. I admit a break is nice, but I genuinely MISS my kids when I'm not with them.
James: Parenthood in general. I never thought that I'd have kids.

What are some ways that you keep the romance alive? Laura: We do small things for each other. We write little notes to one another, I'll save the last soda for him, etc. These little considerations go a long way.
James: We're courteous of each other. We make dinner together. We go out (even with the children). We spend time together. We always say, "I love you." We adore each other. We laugh with and at each other. We vent to each other. All of these things help keep the "romance" alive. She's my best friend.

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