Romance Tip of the Day: Start a Collection

seashell collection
Flickr photo by yeowatzup
When Vickie revealed how her husband proposed to her in last week's Couple of the Week story, it melted my heart:

I used to always get the stuff in the quarter machines, and over time, he started bringing me random stuff home when he had passed one of those machines. So when he proposed, he put the ring in one and that's how he gave it to me.

It was just a silly, simple thing they shared between them, and then it turned into a tradition, which resulted in one of the sweetest proposal stories I've ever heard.

So, why don't you and your SO ... start a collection together.


It can be anything: seashells, concert tickets, wine bottle labels, the options are endless. You'll soon find yourself collecting them even when your not with your partner, making you think about the other person and putting a smile on your face.

It's funny how a silly little thing can be so meaningful between two people.

Do you and your SO have any cute collecting traditions?

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