Sex Secret: I Slept With My Cousin!

I'll always love you, Belky.
Everyone has a dirty little secret and this is a safe place where we can share them (anonymously, of course). Go ahead, spill. We won't tell. (No, this isn't me! I said it was anonymous -- my lips are sealed!)

This Week's Confession:
When I was in my early 20s, I moved to a new city and my mom suggested I look up a long-lost cousin, the product of an uncle's affair who my family had never met. I did. He was in his 30s and there was an instant attraction. Before you could say "kissing cousins," we were having the most amazing sex -- and had a crazy affair for two years before guilt finally made me cut it off.  I guess everyone has a crazy affair in their 20s, but the fact that mine was with a relative makes me feel so weird about it. I have no photos of that time and have never told my husband. Or my mom, obviously! There's no point regretting it because it's done. It's more like it feels like it happened to someone else. --anonymous


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