Go Artsy on Date Night, for Free!

Photo from Brooklyn Museum
Chances are there's that exhibit you've been meaning to catch -- you know, the one you read about but never seem to find the time, and furthermore, you might want to spend your money on Kick Ass instead of something that's going to make you think. Am I right?

Date night can be a fantastic time to get in touch with your senses by visiting your local museum, and it gives you quiet time to connect and have something to talk about later over dinner/drinks/making out. Instead of zoning out during a movie (but believe me, there's a time and place for that too), you can actually spend time holding hands while making sense of a Cezanne, or comparing the latest modern artist to what your kid just brought home from school.


Hire your babysitters now, because we're coming up on the first of the month and, for many of us, Target is going to cover our museum admission.

Where I used to live, Target sponsored the Brooklyn Museum's First Saturdays. You could get in free the first Saturday of every month and wander around the current modern exhibit or check out the permanent collection. It was an amazing way to spend an evening with my husband and it didn't cost more than the subway fare to shuttle us back and forth.

Now I live in Los Angeles and Target offers a free holiday Monday ticket to LACMA (which everyone tells me I must see) as well as Target first Sundays at the California African American museum.

Plug in your city to the arts finder and see what tickets Target will buy for you and your partner on date night. You know you need something else to talk about outside of what the baby will and won't eat this week.

When's the last time you went to a museum?



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