Sex Ed: South Korea's Sex Theme Park

Jeju Love Land
Photo from Jeju Loveland
There are weird theme parks all over the place, but there's none weirder than South Korea's Jeju Loveland (also known as Love Land), a sex-themed, adults-only park containing 140 works of large-scale erotic art. Rotating monthly exhibitions (messy!) showcase the work of even more up-and-coming, sexxxy artists.

Erect penises "leap" out of a pond; huge, nude, alabaster people knot together in every combination of sex positions; a mountain studded with nipples rises above the rolling hills.

You can climb a 33-foot penis, ride a "masturbation bike" that tickles your crotch with feathers, walk through an archway of ladies' legs, or you can watch sex-ed films. Because, I mean, I personally am not familiar with winged butts.


The sleepy Jeju Island where the park is situated doesn't exactly seem like a hotbed of naughtiness -- one of its few other attractions is a teddy bear museum. Starting in the late '50s, Jeju Island became a traditional honeymoon site for local couples, especially those who were part of an arranged marriage -- like Niagra Falls, without the Falls. Local hotels started seeing themselves as responsible for the sex ed of these inexperienced young twosomes -- and Love Land was dreamed up as a sort of winking natural offshoot.

In 2002, 20 artists who had graduated from the same university in Seoul started creating the artworks that eventually ended up there. The idea was to break the considerably taboo subject of sex in Korea, which is, in general, a pretty sexually conservative place. Interest piqued? See more pictures (not safe for work!) in this Der Spiegel article.

A Chinese visitor thought he could create the same kind of thing back home, but last year, authorities took back their blessing for the second Love Land and had the soon-to-open park balled (uh, wrecking balled) before its opening day. The risque park would also have had a sex ed component, surely helpful for a country where, one researcher found, only 28% of women have had an orgasm (compare that to 90% of Western women). Time for an intervention!

We're sad to see you go, Love Land II, and applaud your efforts to create a sex-ucational destination. Now, who's up for a Korean honeymoon?

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