Steven Seagal Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Shuts Down Reality Show

Photo by John M. Heller/Getty
First of all, if you haven't heard about Steven Seagal's reality show I've got a big news flash for you: Seagal has been a deputy on the Jefferson Parish police force for the past twenty years. Yep.

The show, Steven Seagal Lawman, airs on A&E but might not be for much longer as the actor and martial artist (and deputy!?) has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit that makes some ugly claims.


Former model Kayden Nguyen says she was hired as a personal assistant but Seagal started playing grab-ass with her the second she arrived in his New Orleans home. Nguyen also claims Seagal hired Russian prostitutes and they all were expected to be available for sex at any time.

As the production of Steven Seagal Lawman shuts down, other women are coming forward and saying Seagal tried to force them into sexual activity as well. Even Jenny McCarthy said in a 1998 interview that Seagal asked her to strip in an audition, and she ran out crying.

Lawsuits are filed all the time, sexual and otherwise, but the nature of Seagal's reality show could cast a pall on the good people of the Jefferson Parish police force. Also, (and I just can't get past this -- he's a deputy sheriff???) the other officers on the force participating in the reality show could be called upon to investigate and/or arrest Seagal if any charges surface.

Out of all of the movie stars in America, Steven Seagal would be last on my list of someone I'd want harassing me, sexual, or otherwise. His giant head and ponytail scare the beejesus out of me.

Do you think Seagal should be on the other side of the bars instead of patrolling the streets?

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