Dating Just a Pretty Face

coupleWe all have our reasons for dating the people that we do. For me, it varies. Sometimes I'm attracted to their humor, sometimes, it's their ambition. Heck, I've even been attracted to a guy because of how well he treated my kitty (good father capability, hello!).


Looks are usually third or fourth on my list. But once in awhile, you'll get a guy that you find so good looking, you mentally shred the list of must-haves. Even if he lacks every other item.

I experienced this a few months ago. He was a friend of a friend who recently moved to the city. Our mutual friend had since moved back to London, so he requested that I show the newbie around. Eh. Then I saw a photo. Hot damn, yes, yes, and YES.

Looking back on our first night hanging out, I didn't seem to notice his lack of normal conversation skills. I like to blame it on one too many vodka tonics instead of my own shallowness. After several dates though, no amount of alcohol could erase the fact that this guy was dumb. He was completely ignorant/intolerant of other cultures, he would interrupt with irrelevant comments, and he was just flat out stupid. I couldn't hold a conversation with him.

I tried to make it work. I really did. Whenever I would get annoyed at his intelligence (or lack thereof), I would just look at him. Oh, so pretty. But then he'd start talking again. Argh.


God has quite the sense of humor.

Have you ever dated someone solely for their looks?

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