Julia Roberts's Romance Tip: Topless Cocktails

Julia Roberts has had her share of romances -- an engagement to Kiefer Sutherland, dalliances with fellas like the intense Daniel Day-Lewis and the totally goofy Matthew Perry.

And then there's the entirely too sexy Benjamin Bratt and the Clooney. Lest you think she's some kind of good-time Charlene, though, she's been happily settled with hubby Danny Moder since 2002. So what's her advice?

"Have a nice glass of wine and take your top off," she advised a reporter while promoting the movie Valentine's Day.

Hmm. Is that news you can use? We think it is!


Here's how it works: The kids go to sleep. You plan ahead with your libation of choice -- a glass of wine is nice, but your guy might be more of a beer-drinker. Or, if he's like mine, he'll appreciate a well-shaken martini or Manhattan (I know, my husband: he'll geek out about anything). Tell him it's cocktail night and bring out your beverages on a tray, wearing nothing but an apron. That'll rattle his ice bucket.

Or ease into it. Just like a good step aerobics class, you can adjust this to your ability: Maybe you're topless. Maybe you're wearing your favorite lingerie. Maybe you've just unbuttoned your shirt more than usual! Your sassy attitude is the real seductress here – role play as a waitress and turn an ordinary night into a visit to the most exclusive VIP lounge in town.

Would you have topless cocktails at home?

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