Angelina's Tattoos Are Sexy, Bombshell McGee's Aren't?

angelina jolie tattoos ew
Photo from Entertainment Weekly
It's been a difficult month for Micheles (or Michelles) with tattoos. Slutty tattooed Michelle this, whore tattoo mistress Michelle that -- and it's all Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's fault for giving us Micheles with tattoos a bad name. 

I think it's terrible, though, that this is what the media focuses on -- pinning all the clues that this woman is obviously bad news because she has tattoos.


I know there are people out there who think that a lady with tattoos is anything but a lady -- I've experienced it firsthand with a member of my husband's family. And I've had someone I used to work with say that my tattooed sleeve makes my arm look dirty. Classy, right?

I've even had another former coworker say that my tattoos are a form of diversity. Perhaps? Maybe I should start a union and call it Tattooed Workers Rights -- a lot of us inked-up heathens are discriminated against in the workplace.

Just because a woman has tattoos doesn't mean she's a bad person. I actually love Michelle McGee's tattoos. I don't love what happened between her and Jesse James, but she has some really pretty purple flowers on her chest.

Which brings me to Saint Angelina. Everyone loves her now, but she got the slut tag when she "stole" Brad from Jennifer. Luckily for us tattooed ladies, Angie is now a good Samaritan global mother goddess, with even more tattoos. Check her out on the cover of Entertainment Weekly -- gorgeous!

Why are Angelina's tattoos sexy, while McGee's tattoos seem to be part of the blame for her having sex with Sandra Bullock's husband? It's not the tattoos' fault. It's not even 100% Michelle McGee's fault. Jesse James' penis did a lot of the work and the sneaking around. And I don't think his member is tattooed ... but I'm not sure of that.

What do you think? And be honest -- do you judge people because of their tattoos? Do you think tattoos are sexy?

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