Ricky Martin Gets Naked in New Video

Ricky Martin, my most favorite member of Menudo, has not only come out of the closet, he's out of his clothes as well.

Hello gorgeous man-boy!


Ricky's kind of like a gay John Stamos -- both had popularity when they were younger (remember Blackie?), and both have that baby-faced handsomeness. Though I wonder if Stamos' body is as impeccable as Ricky's.

Check him out in his video for My Skin Talks. He's naked, yes, but all his man parts are creatively concealed. And those tattoos? Not real, but they carry a message in Spanish. "Find yourself," "forgive," and "change your life" are a few of the writings on his rock-hard body -- a "metaphor for Ricky's reawakening."

Super sexy, right?

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