Embarrassing Stories: My Pants Ripped!

ripped jeans
Flickr photo by armigeress
Embarrassing moments ... they're proof of Mother Nature's bad sense of humor. And when those embarrassing moments happen when you are trying to impress a guy on a date or during sex (gah!), it's even worse.

But, once time has passed and you've gotten a couple of good therapy sessions in, you learn to laugh about those mortifying incidents.

Today's embarrassing moment happened on a blind date ... that, needless to say, ended early.


I was supper skinny as a teen and thought I could wear a size smaller pair of dress jeans that were old but they looked great . Needless to say this was a blind date. You guessed it ...  my butt bent over to get a pen out of my purse and "RRRRIP" right down the middle seam between my butt cheeks. My date said, "What was that?!" and I responded with, "It's this chair! It's so old and creaky!"

Luckily my best friend was with me with her boyfriend and she let me have her jacket to tie around my waist. I ended the date early with the excuse of my back was hurting (yeah the back of my butt).

Has your pants ever ripped in public (I know mine has!)?

If you want to share a story that made your cheeks blush, email me and select Love & Sex as the subject. I'll keep it anonymous!

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