Do the Dishes, Have More Sex

dirty dishes
Flickr photo by Amanda Niekamp
I hate to make this terribly huge stereotypical statement, but why can't men do dishes?

Is it something in their DNA or the fact that a protruding body part below the belt causes some sort of aversion to cleaning?


If so, find me a strap-on please because I want to be able to put dishes with food on them in the sink (with no garbage disposal) and have no second thought about bugs or stink or making more work for myself because it has to be cleaned up eventually.


Most men I know have this issue. And of course no man's issue with this bothers me more than my husband's.

I know I shouldn't complain. He deals with my vagina napping, me shouting don't touch my boobs whenever he wants to feel me up, and he cooks a mean grass-fed beef burger with sweet potato french fries. Oh my gosh, I'm hungry!

If only he can get the dirty dishes thing right ... maybe my vagina would wake up.

Does your man have dish issues, too?

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